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Juniper Networks Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Future-proof for the cloud era with an open SDN solution that provides high performance, elasticity, and security.

Software Defined Networking Hardware

NFX150 Network Services Platform

NFX150 Network Services Platform

The NFX150 Network Services Platform provides multiple network connection options (including 4G/LTE) and an open, standards-based architecture.

NFX250 Network Services Platform

NFX250 Network Services Platform

Secure and automated software-driven CPE device provides custom service delivery on-premises and service chain multiple virtualized network functions.

Software Defined Networking

NorthStar Controller

A powerful and flexible traffic engineering solution that enables granular visibility and control of IP/MPLS flows in carrier networks.

NorthStar JumpStart

A powerful and flexible traffic engineering solution that provides granular visibility into and control over IP/MPLS flows in large service provider and enterprise networks.


A multivendor, multiprotocol, and multilayer operations support systems (OSS) traffic management and engineering solution for IP and/or MPLS networks.


Contrail Networking

Open SDN solution for cloud and NFV environments that improves business agility with security, availability, performance, automation, and elasticity.

Contrail Cloud Platform

Combines Contrail Networking with Juniper’s OpenStack distribution to provide a turnkey cloud orchestration and automation platform.

Contrail Security

Consistent policy enforcement designed to protect applications in any cloud environment.

Contrail Service Orchestration

Orchestrates the entire service life cycle, from creation to delivery, in a modular and open framework.