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Juniper Networks SRX4600 Services Gateway
Scalable protection across diverse environments

Juniper Networks SRX4600 Services Gateway

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SRX Series Services Gateways
SRX4600 Services Gateway, AC
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SRX4600 Overview:

The high-performance SRX4600 next-generation firewall offers fast, scalable protection for enterprise private cloud, campus networks, cloud service providers, and telcos. With integrated malware prevention and a full suite of next-generation services, the SRX4600 is optimized to provide consistent protection across private cloud environments.

Fortification against advanced threats and zero-day attacks is ensured with real-time updates to IPS signatures, industry-leading antivirus and URL filtering, expansive application visibility, user identification, and deep content inspection.

As the center point of your defense, the SRX4600 offers unprecedented command over your security system with "single pane of glass" management through Junos Space Security Director.

The SRX4600 strengthens your security posture while simplifying your physical environment by integrating high-performance routing and security into a single, compact 1 U device.

The SRX4600 Services Gateway is a high-performance, next-generation firewall and hardware-accelerated security gateway that supports the changing needs of cloud-enabled enterprise and service provider networks. Whether rolling out new services in an enterprise data center or campus, connecting to the cloud, complying with industry standards, deploying distributed security gateways, or offering high-scale multitenant security services, the SRX4600 helps organizations realize their business objectives while providing scalability, high availability, ease of management, secure connectivity, and advanced threat mitigation capabilities.

Product Description

The Juniper Networks® SRX4600 Services Gateway protects mission-critical data center and campus networks for enterprises, mobile service providers, and cloud service providers. Designed for high-performance security services architectures, the SRX4600 protects key corporate IT assets as a next-generation firewall, acts as an enforcement point for cloudbased security solutions, and provides application visibility and control to improve the user and application experience.

Integrating networking and security in a single platform, the SRX4600 features multiple high-speed interfaces, intrusion prevention, advanced threat protection, and authentication, along with high-performance IPsec VPN and Internet gateway capabilities. It also offers high scalability, high availability, robust protection, application visibility, user identification, and deep content inspection to provide unparalleled control over the security infrastructure.

The SRX4600 also acts as a central enforcement point in the Juniper Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) framework, leveraging strong automation and actionable intelligence to protect users in a multivendor network environment.

The SRX4600 is powered by Juniper Networks Junos® operating system, the industryleading OS that keeps the world's largest mission-critical enterprise and service provider networks secure.

Architecture and Key Components:

The SRX4600 hardware and software architecture provides cost-effective security in a small 1 U form factor. Purpose-built to protect network environments and provide Internet Mix (IMIX) firewall throughput up of 75 Gbps, the SRX4600 incorporates multiple security services and networking functions on top of Junos OS. Best-in-class security and advanced threat mitigation capabilities on the SRX4600 are offered as 20 Gbps of next-generation firewall, 20 Gbps of intrusion prevention system (IPS), and up to 16 Gbps of IPsec VPN in data center, enterprise campus, and regional headquarter deployments with IMIX traffic patterns.

Table 1: SRX4600 Statistics1

Performance SRX4600
Firewall throughput 95 Gbps
Firewall throughput-IMIX 75 Gbps
Firewall throughput with application security 80 Gbps
IPsec VPN throughput-IMIX/1400 B 16/38 Gbps
Intrusion prevention system (IPS) 20 Gbps
NGFW2 throughput 20 Gbps
Connections per second 500,000
Maximum session 60 million

The SRX4600 recognizes more than 3500 applications and nested applications in plain text or SSL-encrypted transactions. The firewall also integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and combines user information with application data to provide network-wide application and user visibility and control.

1 Performance, capacity, and features listed are based on systems running Junos OS 17.4R1-S1 and are measured under ideal testing conditions. Actual results may vary based on Junos OS releases and by deployments. 2 Next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a combination of advanced features such as application security, IPS, and URLF in addition to the foundational services such as logging and stateful firewall.

Features & Benefits:

Table 2: SRX4600 Features and Benefits

Business Requirement Feature/Solution SRX4600 Advantages
High performance Up to 95 Gbps of firewall throughput (up to 75 Gbps of IMIX firewall throughput)
  • Best suited for enterprise campus and data center edge deployments
  • Ideal for secure router/VPN concentrator deployments at the head office
  • Addresses diverse needs and scale for service provider deployments
High-quality end-user experience Application visibility and control
  • Detects 3500+ L3-L7 applications, including Web 2.0
  • Controls and prioritizes traffic based on application and use role
  • Inspects and detects applications inside SSL-encrypted traffic
Advanced threat protection Intrusion prevention system (IPS), antivirus, antispam, threat intelligence feeds, Juniper Sky™ Advanced Threat Prevention, Juniper ATP Appliance
  • Provides real-time updates to IPS signatures and protects against exploits
  • Implements industry-leading antivirus and URL filtering
  • Delivers open threat intelligence platform that integrates with third-party feeds
  • Protects against zero-day attacks
  • Stops rogue and compromised devices to disseminate malware
Professional-grade networking services Routing, secure wire
  • Supports carrier-class advanced routing and quality of service (QoS)
Highly secure IPsec VPN
  • Provides high-performance IPsec VPN with dedicated crypto engine
  • Offers diverse VPN options for various network designs, including remote access and dynamic site-to-site communications
  • Simplifies large VPN deployments with auto VPN
  • Includes hardware-based crypto acceleration
Highly reliable Chassis cluster, redundant power supplies
  • Provides stateful configuration and session synchronization
  • Supports active/active and active/backup deployment scenarios
  • Offers highly available hardware with dual power supply unit (PSU)
Easy to manage and scale On-box GUI, Juniper Networks Junos Space® Security Director
  • Enables centralized management for autoprovisioning, firewall policy management, Network Address Translation (NAT), and IPsec VPN deployments
  • Includes simple, easy-to-use on-box GUI for local management
Low TCO Junos OS
  • Integrates routing and security in a single device
  • Reduces OpEx with Junos OS automation capabilities

Hardware Specifications:

Table 3: SRX4600 Hardware Specifications

Specification SRX4600
Total onboard I/O ports 8 10GbE (SFP+)
4x40GbE/100GbE (QSFP28)
Out-of-Band (OOB) management ports RJ-45 (1 Gbps)
Dedicated high availability (HA) ports 2x10GbE (SFP+) Control
2x10GbE (SFP+) Data
Console RJ-45 (RS232)
USB 2.0 ports (Type A) 1
Memory and Storage
System memory (RAM) 256 GB
Secondary storage (SSD) 2x 1 TB M.2 SSD Formatted as 960 GB
Dimensions and Power
Form factor 1 U
Size (WxHxD) 17.4 x 1.7 x 26.5 in (44.19 x 4.32 x 67.31 cm)
With AC PEMs: 17.4 x 1.7 x 27.29 in (44.19 x 4.32 x 69.32 cm)
With DC PEMs: 17.4 x 1.7 x 29.20 in (44.19 x 4.32 x 74.17 cm)
Weight (system and 2 power entry modules) With AC PEMs: 38 lb (17.24 kg)
Shipping weight: 45.47 lb (20.62 kg)
With DC PEMs: 40 lb (18.14 kg)
Shipping weight: 47.47 lb (21.53 kg)
Redundant PSU 1+1
Power supply 2x 1600 W AC-DC PSU redundant
2x 1100 W DC-DC PSU redundant
Average power consumption 650 W
Average heat dissipation 2218 BTU/hour
Maximum current consumption 12 A (for 110 V AC power)
6 A (for 220 V AC power)
24 A (for -48 V DC power)
Precision Time Protocol Timing Ports
Time of day - RS-232 (EIA-23) 1xRJ-45
BITS clock 1xRJ-48
10-MHz timing connector (GNSS) 1xInput (COAX)
1xOutput (COAX)
Pulse per second connection (1-PPS) 1xInput (COAX)
1xOutput (COAX)
Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
Acoustic noise level 69 dBA at normal fan speed,
87 dBA at full fan speed
Airflow/cooling Front to back
Operating temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Operating humidity 5% to 90% noncondensing
Meantime between failures (MTBF) 112,000 hours
FCC classification Class A
RoHS compliance RoHS 2
NEBS compliance Designed for NEBS Level 3
Routing/firewall (64 B packet size) throughput Gbps3 17 Gbps
Routing/firewall (IMIX packet size) throughput Gbps3 75 Gbps
Routing/firewall (1518 B packet size) throughput Gbps3 95 Gbps
IPsec VPN (IMIX packet size) Gbps3 16 Gbps
IPsec VPN (1400 B packet size) Gbps3 38 Gbps
Application security performance in Gbps3 80 Gbps
Recommended IPS in Gbps4 20 Gbps
Next-generation firewall in Gbps4 20 Gbps
Connections per second (CPS) 500,000
Maximum security policies 80,000
Maximum concurrent sessions (IPv4 or IPv6) 60 million
Route table size (RIB/FIB) (IPv4 or IPv6) 4 million/2 million
3 Throughput numbers based on UDP packets and RFC2544 test methodology 4 Throughput numbers based on HTTP traffic with 44 KB transaction size and up to the numbers captured here


Top Front View
Top Front View

Front View
Front View
Rear View
Rear View
Left Angle View
Left Angle View
Right Angle View
Right Angle View


Download the Juniper Networks SRX4600 Services Gateways Datasheet (PDF).

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Pricing Notes:

Juniper Products
SRX Series Services Gateways
SRX4600 Services Gateway, AC
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Advanced Security Services Subscription Licenses
Enhanced Web Filtering, 1 year, SRX4600
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Enhanced Web Filtering, 3 year, SRX4600
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Intrusion Prevention Signature Updates, 1 year, SRX4600
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Intrusion Prevention Signature Updates, 3 year, SRX4600
Our Price: Request a Quote
Intrusion Prevention Signature Updates, 5 year, SRX4600
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Juniper Sky ATP feeds only, 1 year, SRX4600
Our Price: Request a Quote
Juniper Sky ATP feeds only, 3 year, SRX4600
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SRX4600 Service Spares
Universal fan tray, 1 U
Our Price: Request a Quote
Universal AC power supply, 1600 W, spare
Our Price: Request a Quote
Universal DC power supply, 1100 W, spare
Our Price: Request a Quote
Rack mount kit, 4-post adjustable for SRX4600
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