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Juniper Networks NorthStar JumpStart
Multilayer SDN control puts an end to overprovisioning

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NorthStar Controller is a powerful and flexible traffic engineering solution that provides granular visibility into and control over IP/MPLS flows in large service provider and enterprise networks. It enables network operators to dynamically optimize their network infrastructure through proactive monitoring, planning, and explicit routing of large traffic loads based on specified constraints.

The NorthStar JumpStart service is part of an overall set of services designed to enable the rapid adoption and use of Juniper’s core software products. Upon completion, you will have implemented a ready-to-use NorthStar Controller solution with expert knowledge transfer, enabling your operations teams to leverage its core value in your environment.

Service Description

Deploying new, cutting-edge technologies and products can be challenging, given the varying degrees of complexity inherent in a continuously evolving environment.

In addition, operations and engineering teams are under tremendous pressure to quickly deliver results and secure the enterprise. They are expected to gain the necessary expertise and perform initial deployments and validation within a very short timescale, and the learning curve is typically very steep.

The Juniper Networks NorthStar JumpStart service is ideally positioned to relieve the initial implementation and configuration burden on operations and engineering teams, while determining whether any additional steps are required to deploy the solution in a production environment.

The service is performed by a highly skilled Juniper Networks Professional Services consultant as part of a combined remote and onsite delivery. Depending on your organization’s needs and level of expertise, the JumpStart service should be sufficient; for more complex implementations, additional services can be purchased based on your specific needs and operational environment.

The JumpStart service is based on a NorthStar standard reference architecture delivered by a Professional Services consultant following the Best Practices Playbook approach for consistency. The best practices are based on extensive deployment experience and expertise derived across customer deployments of all shapes and sizes.

The core of the service is an Implementation phase based on an initial prequalification activity to determine the necessary installation and configuration parameters required for deployment. This information is captured in an Implementation Plan and approved by key stakeholders prior to deployment and verification in the production environment.

Knowledge Transfer and Post Installation Support are included to ensure that there are no outstanding issues and the transfer to your organization goes smoothly. Juniper’s Professional Services consultants have vast experience in customer and bestpractice implementation services that can save your operation and engineering teams time and effort, allowing them to focus on their key responsibilities.

The JumpStart service consists of three main phases: Implementation, Knowledge Transfer, and Post Installation Support. Typical durations for each phase in the NorthStar JumpStart service are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. JumpStart delivery process
Figure 1. JumpStart delivery process

JumpStart Service Phases

Phase Description

The Implementation phase consists of the following key activities:

  • Prequalification: Prequalification is a remote task designed to gain key deployment and configuration parameters as well as details specific to the customer’s environment necessary for the implementation.
  • Implementation Plan: The Implementation Plan is executed remotely based on input from the prequalification activity and is used in deployment and verification execution.
  • Deployment and Verification: Deployment provides an onsite installation of NorthStar Controller based on the Implementation Plan. Installation is performed by a Juniper Professional Services consultant, followed by onsite verification that everything is working properly.
Knowledge Transfer
  • Knowledge Transfer takes place throughout the onsite engagement with the appropriate enduser personnel, delivering maximum value where there is continuous participation by the end user (operations and engineering). This phase covers exactly how the solution has been installed and configured in the customer environment and how it can be extended further.
Post Installation Support
  • This phase provides up to two days of Post Installation Support by the Juniper Professional Services consultant over a period of 15 days, giving customers a safety net as they accept the solution into operational use.

Features and Benefits:

Juniper’s NorthStar JumpStart service includes the following key features:

  1. Juniper Networks Professional Services expertise in NorthStar Controller: The NorthStar JumpStart service includes Best Practice Implementation, Knowledge Transfer, and Post Installation Support, all based on multiple customer deployments and reference architectures that help you understand NorthStar Controller faster.
  2. Fast route to empower stakeholder knowledge acquisition and adoption: NorthStar Controller Knowledge Transfer and Post Installation Support empower key stakeholders such as architects, product managers, IT, operations, and network design teams to quickly understand NorthStar Controller and streamline operational adoption.
  3. Fast route to enable integration and expansion: The rapid deployment of NorthStar Controller provides a solution platform that can be further integrated, configured, or expanded to extend the network. This work can be performed either by the customer or through additional services from Juniper Networks.

The NorthStar JumpStart service helps customers realize the following benefits:

  • Speed time to value
  • Minimize risk
  • Streamline operations

Figure 2. JumpStart service benefits
Figure 2. JumpStart service benefits

Scope and Available Services:

JumpStart Service Phases

Phase Description
NorthStar JumpStart service This service is based on the latest relevant release of NorthStar Controller covering a single NorthStar server, 10 PCEP nodes running Juniper Networks Junos operating system, and two topology acquired devices.

The JumpStart service enables the rapid deployment and adoption of an initial NorthStar Controller implementation. For more complex environments, an Assessment service is offered that will help customers determine up front the best deployment path for their specific needs, which in turn may lead to JumpStart services. In cases where there is a need for additional customization with broader implementation and integration requirements for the target environment, the Assessment service may lead to more specialized implementation services.


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