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Juniper Networks Junos Space Service Insight
Proactive, Specific Bug Notifications and EOL/EOS Analysis


Junos Space Service Insight helps network operators manage Junos products by giving them insight about critical bugs and lifecycle notifications that are relevant to their devices. Using Service Insight, network operators can plan more easily and efficiently, because this critical information is provided to them automatically. Space Service Insight is part of Juniper Networks Automated Support and Prevention.

Automated Support and Prevention Overview

Juniper’s Automated Support and Prevention (ASAP) solution is a collection of applications, tools, and processes that utilize Juniper’s expertise to automatically resolve product issues, prevent outages, provide insights, and increase productivity for customers. The ASAP solution includes Junos Space Service Now, Junos Space Service Insight, Juniper Case Attachment Tool Suite and Juniper Support Services.

ASAP instills customer confidence by ensuring that if Juniper’s products do encounter a problem, it will be detected quickly and presented as an incident in Service Now without operator intervention. Customers can use Service Now to submit the incident as a new support case, or configure a “zero touch” Auto-Submit Policy that will do so automatically. ASAP establishes Juniper as the premier trusted support provider for networking equipment.

Product Description

Junos Space Service Insight is a critical component of Juniper’s end-to-end Automated Support and Prevention solution. Service Insight delivers the automated prevention capabilities of ASAP by enabling network operators to identify and plan key areas of concern and plan for upgrades. It operates with the automatic data collection and transmission capabilities of Junos Space Service Now to retrieve important Juniper product information from Junos-based device at customer locations and compares this to an extensive knowledge base of known bugs and End of Life (EOL) and End of Support (EOS) plans for Juniper products.

Both Junos Space Service Insight work seamlessly with other ASAP components, including:

  • Advanced Insight Scripts: Running on Junos OS-based devices, these are eventspecific incident-management and intelligence scripts written by experienced Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) engineers. These intelligence scripts collect health and configuration data that is used by Service Insight. The AI-Scripts can detect over 400 events issues devices, collect required troubleshooting and diagnostic information, and send alerts to Junos Space Service Now.
  • Juniper Networks Support Systems (JSS): These are expert systems located on Juniper Networks’ premises. They are securely integrated with the service-automation solution to link a variety of knowledge assets within the Juniper Customer Support infrastructure and the Juniper Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. JSS also automates case escalation via Junos Space Service Now, case attachment with Juniper Case Attachment Tool Suite, and checks entitlement for Junos Space Service Now and Service Insight.

Features and Benefits:

Proactive Bug Notification

Customer with a Juniper Optimum Care contract can receive proactive bug notifications (PBN). Junos Space Service Insight delivers proactive bug notifications that are targeted to a customer’s specific network hardware and software configurations. Proactive bug notifications link known software and hardware issues to specific devices in a customer’s network, and can be a powerful tool to help address potential issues before they impact service. These notifications allow users to integrate their current operational workflow with all of Service Insight’s offerings. There is no need for another console, thus making operations simpler and more efficient.

End of Life/End of Support Impact Analysis

Space Service Insight distributes EOL/EOS notifications to you and automates the network impact analysis for these notifications. This greatly reduces the time needed to plan hardware maintenance and minimizes exposure to networks running EOS parts. The automated impact analysis of EOL/EOS notifications saves time otherwise spent in manual network analysis. Without Service Insight, operators will have to manually perform these intensive tasks manually and have less time available for strategic planning and network evolution.

Asset Tracking

Space Service Insight and Space Service Now work together to makes asset tracking easier by providing asset details for managed Juniper devices. It also collects information like serial number, part number, description, and support contract details. This saves numerous hours otherwise spent in manual tracking and provides up to date information on support contract coverage.

Flexibility in Configuration and Operation

With an easy to use Web-based GUI interface, Junos Space Insight Now is designed to simplify how information is received from users and displayed. This intuitive user interface allows for easy configuration and operation, enabling users to quickly ramp up and enable these applications and receive benefits from Automated Support and Prevention.

Network operators can utilize the flexibility configuration capabilities of Junos Space Service Insight to tailor their settings to:

  • Add and manage devices for Proactive Bug Notifications
  • View devices for which EOL reports and associated PBNs are available
  • Generate EOL reports
  • Identify PBNs that can affect specific devices
  • View list of PBNs associated with devices added in the Junos Space Service Now
  • Flag PBNs to users
  • Assign ownership of PBNs
  • E-mail PBN details to others
  • Delete PBNs

Security Built-in

Junos Space Service Now and Service Insight have been engineered to provide secure availability, integrity, and availability for all customer data collected, stored, and transported. These applications use accepted industry security protocols, standards, and techniques such as SSH and HTTPS for authentication and encryption of all communications.

Customers also have the option to control the extent of information shared with Juniper by adjusting the level of information sent to JSS through four levels of filtering. Using this shared information, Juniper is uniquely positioned to determine the potential risks to the customer’s network, perform detailed troubleshooting, and provide a superior customer experience. Refer to the Juniper Service Automation User Guide for more information.

Scalable Solution

Junos Space Service Now and Junos Space Service Insight are essential applications that run on the Junos Space Network Management Platform. Junos Space is implemented as a scalable fabric of physical or virtual appliances that work collaboratively. With this architecture, customers can expand or contract their fabric by simply adding or deleting nodes as needed. Each node is fully utilized as they work together to provide a scalable and resilient platform.


Why Automate with Juniper’s ASAP Solution?

Juniper Networks Automated Support and Prevention (ASAP) presents a compelling value proposition for Juniper’s customers - even those that already have a Resident Engineering team. ASAP is ushering in a new wave of operational efficiency for network operators. Its components like Junos Space Service Now, Junos Space Service Insight, and Juniper Case attachment Tool Suite (JCATS) work together to automate many essential operational tasks beginning with incident detection and diagnosis, then performing case creation tasks and accumulating the required troubleshooting data and attaching it to the case - without operator involvement. See figure 2 above for a view of the ASAP architecture.

Junos Space Service Now provides a simplified and efficient workflow solution for automated fault diagnosis that is based on the technical expertise from Juniper specialists. It does not require manual intervention when creating support tickets, which enables a dramatically reduced MTTR and operator time. Junos Space Service Now-generated cases lead to a higher quality, more actionable problem report than those initiated through the web or phone, ultimately reducing downtime and cost.

Figure 1: Juniper ASAP Architecture
Figure 2: Juniper ASAP Architecture

Junipers’ Automated Support and Prevention combines embedded functionality within Junos and advanced technologies such as Advanced Insight Scripts and Expert Systems to create a powerful automation solution. ASAP’s scripts and expert systems are derived from support specialists, automating their methods and processes to optimize incident detection and resolution and relieve operators of many tasks. The ASAP solution delivers many benefits to customers, including:

  • Increased Productivity - Automated processes minimize operator time needed create and manage incident cases.
  • Increased Product Resiliency - Streamlined incident detection and diagnosis result in reducing MTTR and having equipment operational again.
  • Increased Awareness / Risk Reduction - Being informed of important product information such as bugs, health, and EOL/EOS dates empowers operators to plan and anticipate upcoming events.
  • Increased Confidence -.Knowing that Juniper products have integrated automated support capabilities will help assure customer to base their more critical networks on Juniper Networks products and technologies.


Client Browser Support

Supported browsers include Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

VMware Version

Junos Space works with VMware vSphere products.

Juniper Product Support

Junos Space Service Insight is compatible with Juniper Networks devices running Junos OS 10.2 and later releases.

Integration with Junos Space Network Management

Junos Space Service Now and Service Insight are part of Junos Space, a comprehensive network management solution that simplifies management of Juniper’s switching, routing, and security devices. With Junos Space, customers can simplify and automate the network, improve network agility, and deliver new services quickly - all from a single console. Junos Space is composed of the following three software elements:

  • Junos Space Network Management Platform - This provides comprehensive FCAPS and element management of Juniper devices. This improves operator efficiencies, providing a programmable interface and exposable API’s that enable the development and integration of third-party applications.
  • Junos Space Management Applications - This series of plug-and-play, domain-specific applications helps customers provision new services and optimize workflow tasks across thousands of Juniper devices.
  • Junos Space SDK (software development kit) - This is a programmable network solution that empowers customers to leverage the connections and intelligence imbedded in the network to create customized management solutions.


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