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Juniper Networks EX9250 Ethernet Switches
Compact, evolved core for business agility and cloud

The EX9250 line of Ethernet switches provides compact, programmable, and scalable core and aggregation devices for enterprise environments, reducing cost and complexity while offering carrier-class reliability.

The EX9250 Ethernet switches dramatically simplify campus and data center architectures by enabling evolved enterprise core deployments with Junos Fusion Enterprise and Ethernet VPN, creating a path to a 100GbE core. The EX9250 switches serve as the foundation for Junos Fusion Enterprise architecture, a standards-based approach for creating an open, highly scalable switch fabric for the enterprise campus. Junos Fusion Enterprise dramatically simplifies campus deployments by collapsing the entire network into a single management point, with the EX9250 as its core. Junos Fusion Enterprise can also serve as the shared core for enterprise campus environments that have on-premises data centers.

The EX9250 switches empower organizations to deploy an evolved enterprise core, supporting layer 2 or layer 3 applications by combining Ethernet VPN (EVPN) and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) technologies. Using these open technologies allows enterprises to create a coherent, end-to-end network across geographically dispersed locations while leveraging unified policies to segment traffic.